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In order to carry out our many missions and especially to preserve the priceless heritage of the Resistance in Belgium you can make a donation to our museum on the following account No. Do not forget to mention your name and address:

(Iban Code) BE66 068-2398826-43              (Bic Code) GKCCBEBB


We also need your support to ensure a democratic vigilance mission and fight against all extreme movements of all tendencies (political, economic, religious, …).

Resistance Museum of Belgium
14 rue Van Lint, 14 Van Lintstraat
1070 Bruxelles / Brussel / Brussels
Tel: 0032/(02) 522.40.41.

Heures d’ouvertures:

Du Lundi au vendredi de 9h00 à 17h00
ou sur rendez-vous

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