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The museum contains many original objects and documents.

These documents relate to the different categories and components of the Resistance (underground press, armed resistance, civil resistance, help to the resistant people, intelligence networks, escape lines, Jew rescue networks, victims of racial persecution)

The Museum also has thematic panels on the history of the 1st and 2nd World War: First World War and its consequences, the Spanish Civil War, the interwar period (20’s-40’s ), the Resistance in Belgium and Europe, military campaigns, …

The Museum welcomes specially the following visitors: Belgian citizens, tourists, schools (primary, secondary and higher), researchers of all kinds and all backgrounds, associations of all types and all age generational groups. It has set itself the main objective to raise awareness and sensitize all citizens to the dangers of an undemocratic system, whatever its form is. Our moral and civic purpose is to continue and transmit the ideals and spirit embodied by the Resistance in order to warn and prepare young generations to the present dangers of all forms of extremism of any kind.

Resistance Museum of Belgium
14 rue Van Lint, 14 Van Lintstraat
1070 Bruxelles / Brussel / Brussels
Tel: 0032/(02) 522.40.41.

Heures d’ouvertures:

Du Lundi au vendredi de 9h00 à 17h00
ou sur rendez-vous

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